Reasons to Read Japanese Manga

Many people especially in the West have started to read Japanese manga. It is interesting as some hardcore fans don't wait for the translations to come out. Some buy directly from Japan and read the original Japanese. They purposely learned to read Japanese characters and to learn the language all for the love of manga. Soft core fans do enjoy the translation because they find manga something is familiar but quite different. Here are some people's reasons to start reading manga like Horimiya manga  .

Reading manga is all about understanding Japanese culture. Japanese culture is unique because it is Asian, indigenous and also Western at the same time. It is evoking curiosity for people who want to really master the culture and understand how Japanese culture figured out and molded out especially after the World War. Much has changed since then and modern Japan is effectively reflected on the kind of illustrated reading materials they have produced which is manga.

Animated stories that have been a hit in the US came from manga. If not all, but the brightest and most popular ones started as manga. They have been developed into anime later on. Some anime may have stopped, but the manga has lived on. That is why some people dive into the manga craze after they have been smitten by the anime. To the anime lovers, the manga is the extension and perhaps the added dimension to their favorite animated series. Manga helps expand the story which cannot be contained in a 30-minute feature each week. Manga helps readers to understand the backstory and perhaps a foreshadowing of the characters thought, much of which can be seen in manga.

Nine of ten times people read manga like  Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Manga to escape reality. Escape from realism is what people to when they read manga. One can become a college freshman and how God would feel when seeing an immortal soul. A kind of different take of reality that is only possible in the realm of the manga. Usual alien takes are still there and there are plenty of choices when it comes to manga. But the manga attack on storylines are quite different and something comic hardcore lovers will truly appreciate.

Finally, manga offers a brave new world for all of us. It is an opportunity to look beyond our neighborhood and experience what the world has to offer and maybe beyond. It is a way to experience everything done quite different like we used to.

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