Love So Life - A Shoujo that you can't miss!

It has been some time since I have read a shoujo manga which left me to moan so much. I had found this Love So Life Manga  by surprise. I am a fast writer, so it is even worse when the manga is still updating. But I kept it on my list to see and if it was completed, I read it fairly quickly, just stopping when I needed to concentrate on the final. The buddy that had recommended this to me said that she adored fluffy shoujo series which were cuter cute, and while I looked at a number of the others she indicated, "Love So Life" took the cake for most adorable shoujo. I am sure if you browse through the first couple of chapters, you will know precisely what I mean whether or not you are knowledgeable about the shoujo genre.
Shiharu is youthful and pure as an angel, and Matsunaga is appealing and incredibly grateful he will have a hand with those children that are not his. The questions you'll likely have are:
- Do you know these kids like?
The answers to each of these inquiries and much more are answered fairly neatly at the duration of the manga. I know a whole lot of individuals like manga that immediately catches your attention and keeps you riveted and furiously turning the pages, but "Love So Life" is indeed pleasantly relaxing. It will indeed become addictive, but it is definitely not a stressful read.
I have to give attention to this mangaka for being so unbelievably inventive. Virtually every chapter is a brand new scenario with the twins. Shiharu is always attempting to discover a means to keep them busy and teach them something new while still keeping them from trouble. She always remembers what her mother taught her and what she sees from different kids to work better with those that she's in control of. There are a whole lot of things kids are around, such as making mischief at a kiddy pool, moving trick-or-treating, meeting new friends, and so much more.
As to be expected, the rise of the twins within the length of this narrative also fostered Chiharu's expansion as a young girl. While she was already very mature at the start (as explained by her friends and Matsunaga-san) since she had been seen being quite responsible with all the younger ones in the orphanage and analyzed dutifully, she appeared to open her eyes a little more with the support of their twins. The both of them were still mentally climbing and Shiharu became increasingly connected to them, enjoying them as though they were her family instead of some children she had to babysit.
Obviously, attribute to vintage shoujo, the primary love interest is Matsunaga-san, that does not disappoint readers with his beauty. Initially, he seems very tired all of the time from his occupation, so much that shortly after he arrives home, he collapses on the ground. As Shiharu cares for the twins because of him, he turns out to be quite a wonderful guy, constantly thanking Shiharu for her job, being kind to her, and believing to incorporate her in family programs.
The only tiny criticism I have is that the attraction between both begins just a little bit premature, already from the first couple of chapters. I guess it is clear seeing that Shiharu is really adorable and reliable, the sort of mother figure that Matsunaga-san admires, and Matsunaga is undeniably good-looking, using a fantastic profession, also young-looking despite being elderly. The something that helps it's that the Read Manga Online stretches their connection for more than 100 chapters, in order to kind of forget about the racing in the start. There, clearly, a fantastic delivery.
Another thing I enjoy about Love So Life is that there are a whole lot of things to concentrate on besides the twins. They definitely constitute the largest aspect of this plot, but there's also like I said previously, Shiharu's connection with Matsunaga, her very best buddy Rio's boy issues, even a love triangle. I was not bored through the plan of the manga and find it totally astonishing that this can be Kouchi's very first work.
The twins always seem very valuable with plump faces and enormous eyes. It is so amusing to see Shiharu and many others being influenced by how cute they are if they say certain things or wear matching clothing. While Matsunaga is portrayed as appealing, occasionally I found the line of his brow for somewhat too long, or his encounter shaped a bit strangely. Clothes-wise, however, I enjoyed everybody's choice, and hair has been attracted fine.
Regardless of how dense Shiharu might be occasionally as it came to her own feelings as well as the amorous ones of the others, I liked this manga a whole group. An enthusiastic manga reader could eat up this immediately, and I feel a newcomer to shoujo would like this also.

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