Forty Millenniums of Cultivation - Interesting story for the weekend!

I would be ashamed if not show you this a record of a mortal’s journey to immortality And I have caught up to translations. You can definitely say that this light novel is truly great since, first, sci-fi novels are a fucking pain in the butt to read for, that was very true in the first couple of chapters, such as ten chapters or so, but then, it is pretty much easy to comprehend and is really quite intriguing; second is that, though I read lots action novels, very few make me 'love' the battle scenes, and a fantastic illustration of this is Lord Xue Ying, in which the fun part is the training component, watching him get stronger and really understand precisely how much he got stronger, that I believe this novel is about the same if not better in this aspect.World-building is among the best I've seen. The universe is somewhat like The Desolate Era's, having 3000 main Worlds and Pangu. Pretty much about 45 thousand years have passed since the onset of the history of Cultivation, and 40 thousand years have passed since the Ancient Cultivation Age ended. I will only give you that because the history of Cultivation is somewhat a spoiler in itself, although not that much of a spoiler, it will still be enjoyable to learn about it yourself in the novel.
I like this part the most because it is pretty much the same with other novels, only they're powered by technology, so 90 chapters in and we have not seen guns. Banzai!!! Well, it likely won't be long before we see guns and mechas.The main character of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, Li Yao, isn't the finest main character I have seen, but he's surely one of the better ones. What I enjoy the most is his conclusions making sense, and not only make sense but really was better than the answers I thought of.

He has a sharp mind and readily understands situations, which saves us the trouble of waiting for a few chapters before locating shit out Source . Well, this might be due to his cultivation, but there is not only one main character out there that, despite being some sort of top expert, is a fucking no-brainer. He is pretty leaning on the fortunate side, but at least he's backbone, has the ability, and his strength does not come from his fortunate experiences... uhh, at least not entirely. The side characters are fairly well fleshed out. Not the best, but is definitely better than most. At least we do not observe the main character sitting in a cave for a couple of millennium(how about 60? Cause, you know, the name, etc..), or even have chapters describing how a punch functions. We do have chapters explaining the history, but at least they're enjoyable, and they're cut into components, feeding it to us gradually, only appearing when we want it, or when the characters speak about it. The other characters actually play a significant role in explaining how the world works. We don't require the wall of texts about how significant the shaking of the spear is, and then explain how this ability's vibration is special, and then comparing it to the rest!

Yep, luckily, they do not explain how this historical punch technique is used, or the way the flame-attribute ax works and how it's made. Damn, I forgot their names already... those, uhh, high-tech blacksmith, which our MC is just one of these btw, make some special options from the weapons they make that only those or they better than them understand, we only see the reason why they have this, and only explain how this thing came to be.Antagonists- I need to say, this is one of those I like the most among all the novels I have read. Well, in addition to some few struggles among humans I guess, but the place they live in is pretty much upright.
Though we still have an arrogant young master as an antagonist, at least he is used correctly, rather than excessively, since he is pretty much cannon fodder to the MC at this time, though their conflict is not done yet. Well, I mean we have the dad. And most likely the grandfather, who knows, we have not seen him yet.Not much of a love, but there one or two love interests, or make it three, because there was the woman who sang the tune. We still have not met her yet though. I have a really good feeling about this though.
Now I understand some elitists might disagree with me, but please do forgive me, this is my first sci-fi genre which I took seriously. Perhaps I have the wrong picture about sci-fi novels... still not reading them with no xianxia or xuanhuan label though. Pretty much power levels in general. So far we have just seen a drop in the ocean of the whole universe of this novel, and this book just makes you want to understand more of it. I truly look forward to the main char's adventures, and I highly recommend this to you if you'd like to Read Light Novel .