Best dry dog food for Westies

 Westies need, and like to play, therefore they can liven up your home easily. As an owner, you may have wondered what should be fed to such sociable creatures? We have done our homework on the matter and are proud to offer you some help. Read on to get every necessary information about feeding your canine.

Westies fall in the smaller categories. In adulthood, 
the gate of good fortune a typical one may weigh about 19 pounds. As energetic as they are, the customized caloric intake should be around 550 k cal per day. The less active or neutered ones may need only about 440 kcal, while the working dogs may need up to 620 k cal daily.

Westies are sturdy dogs in general, however, they are still susceptible to some health conditions, including:
Allergies: They fall into the terriers class, therefore skin allergies should be put into concern. You should take note on the ingredients to make sure they do not have content that easily make the mutt allergic. The best option would be to choose a hypoallergenic 
that contain only a few mandatory ingredients.
Epidermal Dysplasia: Characterized by inflammation and itchiness on the head, feet and belly, this disease is inherited and manifest in the period between 3 and 12 months of age. If left unchecked, the inflammation would be likely to spread all over the body and become serious. Unfortunately, the disease is incurable, but it can be managed with a proper diet. Look for food that contain agreesive antimicrobial ingredients.
Addison's Disease: Because of glucocorticoids deficiency, the Westie's body will come up with low blood pressure, depression, weakness, dehydration among many things else. It can be avoided by feeding your dog a human-grade and high quality whole ingredients.

With that said, we recommend that you choose a 100% natural dog food which contains enough calcium, glucosamine and chodroitin. The protein source should be from high-quality 
ze tian ji whole meat ingredients like chicken, turkey or beef. The best dry dog food for Westies should also contain probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. More recommended ingredients contain flaxseed to provide carbs and fibers, chicken fat for omega acids, etc.