This 19 Days is for the adult so when you are feeling like reading you should not keep your parents aren't around because you won't like their face when they seeing you're reading a manhwa.

*This is a Manwha, this means that's a Japanese comic, often they're completely colored, this is actually the situation with Ux3, and you ought to examine them to the left for the right*

Story of 19 Days:
The story revolves around Haky and Taeh, they lost their parents within an incident since that time Haky took care for Taeh and once they were younger.
Here is the issue of this manwha, alone that understands the stark reality is his cousin but while he calls her to inquire about the subject, she suddenly has a collision which makes her shed the storage and understand we don't understand what is definitely happening...  
The art in 19 Days is great, clear and colorful, although at the start they decided for unknown factors to censor our beauty heroine having an annoying bright column which comes out of left field, afterwards they create the wise play to get rid of it and let's see these boobs, isn't that us read it just for the boobs, right men?
Jokes if you're thinking about adult love this can certainly do for you.

About Characters of 19 Days:
Hakyun Choi: She Is strong willed and really persistent, she could control very well her feelings, but after losing her thoughts what'll occur?
Taehkyun Choi: Heis younger one, usually ruined by his sister, his experience is more powerful than a buddy/sister one, he is proficient at fighting, less at learning difficult he is because of the efforts of her sister in a renowned college.
Heis also really persistent and possessive, he really doesn't wish to alter the A Returner's Magic Should Be Special Manga between them since he is frightened and doesn't possess the responses he finds, but after a personality drive him in a distinctive approach towards his actual emotions towards the cousin he chooses to confront her and himself.

Ha Shiah: She Is the real competitor between their love genuine?

The full-time flyby should you enjoy anything right?
All of the chapters for me isn't enough, I do want to learn more by what happened in her past clearly and what may happen.
The closing? I've read a lot of mangas to know how it guesses or at least will finish. It is heartwarming and fascinating, as you can imagine there's also a great deal of criticism, and the section, as well as the dialogues, are actually quick. If you're a fan of manga then give this manhwa a try. It's a kinda of a new wind.

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