What it's like possessing a Westie?

1. Westies are social dogs that get along well with children of all age, as well as everyone else. He is best with older children, however.
2. When the owners are working, it is fine to leave the Westie alone for a period of time. The owner can turn on the TV, radio, give him toys or take him to the crate in the mean time.
3. If you have a neat garden, then owning a Westie may not be good, 
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4. If you plan to adopt a Westie, please don't choose a shady breeder, get him from a puppy mill or just any pet store. You should look for information of a good breeder to be able to test the breeding dogs, and make sure that the dogs you want to adopt do not have genetic diseases and have good temperaments.
5. Make sure to provide your Westie with only the .
6. History of Westies
They share the past with many types or Terriers, which are the Dinmont, Skye, Cairn and Scottish since they are of the same breed but different branches. The Westies, or West Highland White Terrier, come from Scotland. Originally, they were bred to hunt foxes, badgers, otter, vermins and rats.
Many people believe that Westies have been bred since the 17th century as a small breed of ground dogs by James I. The breed lore says that the white color of Westies is the result of an accident in the 19th century. While the Colonel Malcolm was hunting for foxes, he accidentally shot and killed one of the Cairns in his followers. Sad and determined to keep such incidents from happening, the Colonel wanted to breed only white dogs. 
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