Why I do not feed my Doberman raw food

I 've opted to the dry dogfood for my Dobermans as through expertise, I understand that feeding a Doberman uncooked. Below are some reasons: 
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It is much more expensive, even in comparison to purchasing the finest dry puppy foods for Dobermans. In meals, I can purchase raw meat, and the great ones at that, like chicken, beef or turkey. In addition, there must be some veggies, good oils for great fat supply, among other things
I really can not ensure the balance of nutrients in every meal. It was simple at first with all this 25% protein, 10% fat, etc. Nevertheless, at time goes on, I find it tougher and more difficult. How much protein is there in this cup of brown rice? How much fat is there in this spoon of flaxseed?
It is really time consuming. I believed it'd only involve taking things out of the refrigerator and set it in the bowls, but it í a lot mỏe than that. For the veggies, I have to stirfry or else my dog would get a stomachache.
For the meat, I 've to de-freeze. Never to mention I need to go to the market quite often, which takes all of my spare time. I have no other time for sports, going out, as well as just relaxing
It gets really messy! The odor is bad enough, 
dai densetsu no yuusha no densetsu but I tried to bear it anyhow. I always must put it in the plastic bag after two hours if my dog doesn't finish the bowl. And when he eats, it would drop on the ground everywhere, and get really cluttered. I 'd to clear my kitchen each day.